Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Discovery of Isis

When I was still feeding my babes from my abundant breasts I attended a workshop run by a woman for women, to discover the goddess within. What I found, to my own surprise, was that well of beginnings - Mother was waiting there for me to discover her. In an enactment, I was cowering on the floor, blowing air into the ground, into that black hole that engulfed me and whispered “Are you there? Hello, Mother, are you there? The surprising answer came “Yes I am. I have been waiting for you - all along”. I rushed home, my breasts quickly filling with milk, which could only be relieved by two mouths, hungrily sucking that pressure away.  Sometime after that, when Mother started to take residence inside of me, in the deep of the night, in my dreams, I asked for a name to be given to me, and it was Isidora - gift of Isis. She says “I am the mother of the whole of Nature, mistress of the elements, the origin and principle of the ages, the supreme divinity, queen of the shades, the first of the dwellers in the sky, the unrivaled model of all the gods and goddesses. The pinnacles of the sky, the beneficial sea-breezes, the desolate silences of hell, I rule them all according to my will”. Bang! It doesn’t get more powerful than that!!

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