Wednesday, 26 September 2012

On courage...

one of my girls

she struggled with being kind 
and wanting to say no
at the same time

wanting some space
to be who she wants to be
is that allowed?

tears, and hugs and 
conflicted feelings
a big sigh

my little child
life takes courage
and when the pains outweigh the joys

I give you permission to say

life takes courage indeed

she asked for her initial 
the sparkly big N
encrusted with diamonds

to be put in her pocket
so she may be reminded
of being courageous

my little girl
the journey
of becoming YOU

life takes courage indeed

where is my courage?
when do I hide?
how can I be counted?

walking tall
pushing through
the inner resistance

the truth to be told
to live a life 
as you say and as you feel

deep down in your heart

stepping out 
and standing tall

this is me

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Resilience & The River of Forgetfulnesss

YOU want me to do what YOU want

what YOU need

YOU are angry 

silent, whipping anger 

I withstand

I know

I care 

and I know

but I am 


giving you

the protection of 

YOUR reality


because this is YOUR story

the river of forgetfulness
in silent suffering and pain
transformed into 
whipping, slashing, gently, quietly
the wind sweeps through the house
rattling the shutters
flaring curtains
the river of forgetfulness

it is not mine

I let go

I let be

I let the truth


I am strong

I am not sick

I am

free to expand

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Searching for a language of the fragments.....

I have not had enough of sea
not enough of water
not enough of the rushing silence


not enough

needing more 

fragments of bones
and twigs
and claws
and carcasses

floating and stranding

on the ancient coast

laid bare on stone

I have not had enough of the sea
not enough of water
not enough of the rushing silence

searching for a language
of these fragments

What can I say?

searching the humming 
of the song
the story
that brings it all together

union maybe
may be