Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The well has been touched

kindness by others 
welcoming world

what once 
was hell

the dam breaks
the tears flow 
without restraint

I did not know
that this was still 
troubling me

flow flow flow
unknotting the pain
the plat of sorrow

my girls
so good
so loving

telling me 
I can be Mother to you
and dry your tears

Monday, 6 August 2012

The healing power of water

the urge to be close to water
to wade in and swirl
and to be taken
to shores far beyond

the urge to be embraced by water
to feel its comings and goings
to be one with the flow
moving through my body

the river bank
the big Mother Ship
the lapping sound 
of the source

the sea of the Northern Land
giant waves thundering towards 
the beach - skidding pebbles 
like shooting missiles

but I stand
I withstand
I go with
I am

the urge to be close 
to be embraced
by the source
there is healing in that