Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Just because it's beautiful

The beauty of things
settling the noise inside
re-ordering and re-shaping
that which has gone askew

The deep blue
the ivory of love
earthen and from the beyond
cradled by the soft grains of sand

Somewhere out there
there is comfort
there is an order 
that has meaning

And nature
and the world
offers freely
beauty and grace

miraculous growth
despite the harsh conditions
pushing upward 
the order of things

Just because it's beautiful 
that's why I select
the aesthetics of things
lessens my pain

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Giving Maggie a new life

Come on Maggie
we are going to the seaside

Can I have an ice cream
yes with sprinkle and all

Come on Maggie
lets have some fun

Taste the taste of life
the crusty bread

the blasting colours
of blooms and fabric

Come on Maggie
the joy of life

every time I bake a new loaf
nourishing depth of flavour

a new lease of life
dancing through glades 

with flowing dresses
cradling rabbit and sitting owl

eyes a pond of possibilities 
giving Maggie a new life

You live on 
bubbling up and fermenting

opening up to the divine presence
that you Maggie revealed

your passing
my coming