Wednesday, 14 December 2016

On vulnerability

from the fragmentation
to the dissolving
light emerges
I notice

the little bud shooting out 
but it is winter my love
the tiny infant wrapped up tightly 
oh it's good to be a father 

the opening in the circle
world streaming in
her sleeping face
heart racing

the robin on the wooden arch
still-life in a milli-second
her hands - so slim and so pure
yearning for her touch

kindness and then cruelty
turning - in moments of despair
feeling protective
of her vulnerability

and then my vulnerable self laid bare 
catching my breath
hole opening
and being caught

by the other
by humanity
by our shared story 
our vulnerability

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

River mood 2

amidst the turmoil
of belonging
in or out

the joyless
education of
assembly line children

I seek 
the truthful presence
of the river's waves and flow


the small contains the big
the big contains the small
it offers itself freely

there is peace
in the simple action 
of being and creating


Monday, 20 June 2016

River mood

once more
I am pulled towards
the river

the big dirty snake
with its hidden

of appearing and disappearing
beaches and wash-ups
eery silence of solitude

amongst the people of the world
the contradictions
of being part of and apart from 

poor and rich 
side by side
pure grainy sand

clinking sound of glass 
with every wave awash
 the beating of my heart

Thursday, 9 June 2016


for knowing the soft soothing
of simplicity

of being together
with no words or
the must of doing

the distress when the Light(ness) evaporates
when the restlessness of
searching doubt takes over

washing over me like 
torrents of waves
submerging - feet in the air

slowly finding back 
to the essence
to stillness within

gratitude for knowing and sharing 
I am learning to be with
soft - touch - gentle

simple moments of being and creating with my boy

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Becoming human

At the beginning
just right
just so

as it has to
slotting into place 

no judgement
no morality
just growth

the unfolding of a human life
trajectory of a journey
into becoming


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Near Light

I am a child of the fields
as soft as a ball
I am free

my feet touch the ground
like lightness of being
the cherry tree calling

I am a child
at one with mother nature
flights of spirit

Near Light - at last

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Maiden with the Raven

the Maiden with the Raven
knows that those who need to know 
have knowledge of her real name
of her real origin 
the significance of her existence 

she is the mother of all mothers
the synthesis of good and evil
she is the woman of all women
she is the being who has seen it all 
and who has endured and survived 
and conquered all manner of things 

she is there for all mothers 
who care to be guided
who need help and support
who struggle to make a way
facing abandonment and abuse
for those women who 
feel the calling of the path

she is being called
through the trunk of the trees
the petals of the blossoming flowers
the bleating of the goats
the black pond
the creeks and crevices of the planes

all things will come to the right place
all will be good
mankind will chose the right path 
of no injury and peace

she has time
there is no hurry
the moment of watching a bee wake up 
from the long winter’s sleep 
the days and years go by without much of a second

she wraps her shawls a bit tighter 
as the moon comes up 
she lights the fire 
the raven nestles into her lap like a cat

the owls are hooting 
the Maiden takes up her place by the fire
closes her eyes
and sits