Tuesday, 12 March 2013

In preparation of our parting

The stick
I picked
last Sunday 
in our woods

and an empty 
bottle of ...... whisky.... probably

and a shard of porcelain

fragments - stories - connections
to past and present


the future so near

without you

in preparation 
of our parting

I am creating

because creating is eternal

and you shall be with me 

in every single

embedded in love

Thursday, 7 March 2013

soft soft hands

soft soft hands
holding you
touching you

framing your face
your eyes
big blue lakes


is it time to go?

I can not leave
you yet Mama

the hymns are not 

the bell is not

You are tired
my darling

it`s ok
you can go

as you say
you will be 

over the rainbow
dancing on sunshine

Monday, 4 March 2013

Signs in my bodily landscape

First came the tears of desperation

then a solid bar of pain
out of the blue
across my back
at the height of the heart

and my right shoulder blade
and my tummy swollen
and hollow 
and full

These are the signs in my 
bodily landscape

across the ocean
across the seas
across the snowy mountain tops 

and across the layers 

my love for my mother
is indescribable 
I love her

her face fallen
and sometimes illuminated
the face of the little girl she was

clear blue eyes
a softness and gentleness
and grace 


that is my mother