Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Being a Mother to Twins

you initiated me into motherhood
my little Plato and Jupiter
orbiting around each other

Picture chosen by the girls

never far away
fighting for independence
needing each other's embrace

the dainty threads of connection
your different ways of going forward
different yet the same

Yin and Yang
Night and Day
Sky and Earth

you have made my life special 
beyond words
my girls

I feel very honoured 
to be your Mama
to be witness to your journeys

I will forever
our being together

you have two big 
mother polar bears
protecting you

One for each

Number 9
you have grown
and I can sense 


You are
growing into 
your own

Thank you 
for this double gift

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Bad Mother Archetype

With your beady eyes
your limp hands
your punishing judgement

Leave me alone
go away
don't touch me

I want my mummy
your warm hands
and your alive eyes

hold me 
and cuddle me
and tickle me

you stay away from my son
you go and sort out your house
you go and clear out your rubbish

The Bad Mother Archetype has no place here

Instead I wonder 
can we approach the synthesis of Good and Bad
become ethical in our way of being

Let each other be
not judge