Saturday, 14 April 2018

Findhorn 2

deep green - beckoning
feathered friends
in the dead of the night 

soft soft little blue tit
so fragile - so touching
and the wild geese
calling, not so harsh

gurgling  water
majestic rocks 
leaping into peace

endless spaces of grains of sand
and waves assuring continuity
gentle pines
nestled in mounds of softness 

finding places 
for child, mother and
all are welcome

profound transformations 
sounds all around
of life harmonious and round


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Let go

Once more 
and again and again
let go

a daily practice 
breath in - let
breath out - go


Wednesday, 24 January 2018


self-care is not a privilege
self-care is a birth right

self-care is care of self
it is not a product with monetary value

finding back to self 
the place of love and light

where judgement falls away
where fear dissolves - a little 

where the seed of courage
and perseverance and hope 

reside - a place 
the right conditions to grow

in there we find compassion
for self first and then world

many have lost their way
and privileges taken

the more we find 
the place of our birth right

the more we can create
a world of good

sharing our resources
internal and external

moving towards justice
approaching peace

Friday, 19 January 2018

Menopause - Woman's Hour

I love listening to Woman's Hour. Occasionally it really annoys me though and today's consultation of a CBT expert and a HRT advocate really annoyed me. 
It feels typical that CBP and HRT are getting so much air-time, being presented as a panacea to this 'problem' - when in fact they are products that get constantly bandied about, sometimes quite aggressively pushed by the establishment. The constant refrain of evidence-base is really tiring and patronising. In my experience it is not enough that women say something works - it needs to go through a trial to become respectable!

In general, we don't get to hear enough about more alternative approaches/philosophies that aren't about pushing an agenda but more about positive change. Women get often told what is best for them and their power to know for themselves and to make their own decisions are often sabotaged. Woman's Hour falls into that trap sometimes too by consulting 'experts', particularly those from the medical world.

I have always been interested in exploring self-empowering ways and would like to share what I have found helpful, sometimes truly transformative. I have learned about women yoga (Yoni Shakti), yoga in general that is gentle and deep rather than dynamic and pose-centred, use essential oils to balance hormones and calm nerves, take the herbal supplement Menopause Support by Dr Vogel, and daily linseed intake which contains plant based oestrogen and Moringa powder help too. I am managing the symptoms quite well with ways that feel nurturing and help me turn to others with the same attitude. Generally exercise, meditation, talking to women, sharing and ACCEPTANCE that I am changing into a different stage of womanhood help greatly.

For me this stage of womanhood is about finding my ground, my voice and my power, so that I can contribute more courageously to public life. We have to get away from thinking that the peri-menopause/menopause is a negative thing, which needs to be suppressed by medication, so that we can continue in our old ways, one could argue supporting patriarchal structures. I feel that we women suffer all too often from lack of confidence and low self-esteem allowing men all too often take to the platform.

Instead we ought to see the menopause as a powerful transformational process of self-care, self-discovery and self-actualisation so that we can begin to rise and be part of the bigger change that this world needs, which for me ultimately is about 


We women have to be part of the change. 
We have something to say. 
Let's embrace our wild spirit. 

Thursday, 2 November 2017


from light into dark
from dark into light

new beginnings
out with the old
and in with the new

the golden russet glow
of proud leaves
birds flitting above and below

the right order of things
once more felt
treading gently on the ground

the dead beyond
but spirits abound 

circling this life
that matters
the future is now

grateful offerings
the living

Sunday, 14 May 2017


the sanctuary found
gentle fir trees
soft ground

joining up with her 
so delicious 
treading deep

seal spirit
the freedom of space
tiny grains of truths

a consciousness found
light, joy and peace
like seeds scattering

travelling illuminations
far and wide
web of spirits

in the map 
of expansions 

seal spirit: allow creativity and imagination to soar and follow inner tidings

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

On vulnerability

from the fragmentation
to the dissolving
light emerges
I notice

the little bud shooting out 
but it is winter my love
the tiny infant wrapped up tightly 
oh it's good to be a father 

the opening in the circle
world streaming in
her sleeping face
heart racing

the robin on the wooden arch
still-life in a milli-second
her hands - so slim and so pure
yearning for her touch

kindness and then cruelty
turning - in moments of despair
feeling protective
of her vulnerability

and then my vulnerable self laid bare 
catching my breath
hole opening
and being caught

by the other
by humanity
by our shared story 
our vulnerability