Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tiger Spirit

tiger eye gem
embrace your richness
live the world

take courage
have faith
and create

rest in peace Tinu
African Queen
up North

and then 
a walk in the woods
mother asking

you had already come to me
my little tiger
my little playmate

Tiger Spirit
you have been with me
longer than I realised

an innocent gift
of the stuffed tiger
threading the different meanings

overcoming of fear

the news arrived 
that the tiger had died in the zoo
at the same time as 

the princess of wands 

conquering the fear
opening her arms to creation
burying the tiger

these days
strong emotions
storms of anger

encircling and inhabiting
this house
of harmony

yet I have come full circle
in the fields of parliament
the wish come and gone

the loss in my hands
and in my heart
rivers of tears

yet still 


Tiger Spirit
my guide 

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