Friday, 26 July 2013

The Clouds gone - Mountain appears

Trecking up the mountain
enveloped by the dark
strange noises of 
animals or human?

Embracing each other
in the eye of the storm
the night persisting
will the sun ever come?

The first rays
slashing through the clouds
illuminating thousands of rocks
is it time to pray?

Smells, sounds, sightings
of another world
of another soul
aren't we all woven from the same cloth?

Our love 1 started and was tested 8
in those humid and blazing and high up lands
the foreign world of no point of reference
sealed for a lifetime's commitment?

Yes sealed for a lifetime's commitment
your journey and my journey
alone and together
together and alone

The Buddha sits perched on the slopes
the light plays with the clouds
the mountain stands

And so we shall go on
my friend
our souls
joined in the endeavour of love

Nicholas Roerich

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