Monday, 19 September 2011

I forgot about The Great Mother

It seems that over the summer so much growth has happened. It's been an intense time and with growth come the growth pains, literally for the babes and symbolically for the mama. A few times I have been floundering, searching, yearning, fretting, wondering and sighing - where is the answer, what is the answer...... and why can't I be scooped up by my mother and carried and soothed when the waves are threatening to drown me? 

So, once more I forgot about the Great Mother. I encountered her in the dark black hole in the past, where she was saying to me "I have waited for you and have been here for you all along". 

So the other day when I was just scraping by in the face of life's challenges there she was in statue form, looming out from the window of a second hand shop, as if to remind me that indeed she is there. I brought her home and I think she is very special. She radiates a strong energy and keeps me focused. 

Here she is holding her babe. 

And I was reminded of a poem I wrote in her honour:

Mary, Universal Mother
I have received your gift
With love I became his mother 
and gave birth to him
I return him to you, to hold once more in your 
heart and healing hands
And through him and through you
we join Hands
and draw a line around the World
Our Supreme Act of Worship
In honor of Creation
United as Brothers and Sisters

And although I wrote this when I lost the teeny babe I feel now it speaks to me in connection with any loss or pain. I can hand this pain to her when it gets too much for me to carry and she holds it for me. And through her I transform my pain into the energy of connection and worship of life. And be healed. And be transformed. 

I am glad indeed that the Universe has reminded me of The Great Mother. 

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