Friday, 3 June 2011


finding my place within it
around it and be it
my tears and heart - moving
turning towards and holding
it's ok, it will be fine
a long time - coming

sticks and stones
not so random anymore
but placed and held
and appreciated and
transitory, but into a different
order and shape
to suit the mood
to suit the need
the need to be seen and heard
a place in the heart of - World

Mother and baby
breathing together
in unison
subtly aligning - re-aligning
to what needs to be
you are me and I am you
for together we create
a world that understands
and seeks and accepts
that love is the ground

I left a stone for a friend
who moves my heart
the stone is old
by the comings and goings of the tides
the tail-end of a word
engraved in old letters
END - at the edge - so that we may begin

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