Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Reflection on women

Woman are mothers whether they are actual mothers or not. Today is international women's day. Power to the women! The light of women; their grace and beauty, their broad and sturdy hips. Legs firmly on the ground and hands in attendance. Cupped in order to receive, and to respond. Ay their hands. They stroke and hold. We do a lot of holding, we are good at taking responsibility, we are courageous and strong. We are resilient in the face of adversity, we can fly the skies and ride with the winds where it is necessary, and can be still and quiet and knowing too. And patient. And accepting. And wise. The dark side of women; The need to please too often (in order to get something). Forgetting about her sisters, fighting against them and behaving like men can do. The lack of self-belief and insecurity. The nagging, the quarreling. Like cats - hissssssss, out of my way or I'll scratch! Like a snake - csssssss, I will poison you.  I am jealous of what you've got! Let us become aware of the dark side, and let us turn it around towards the light. Let us rise to the goddess we are - Isis: the mother of the whole of Nature, mistress of the elements, queen of the shades, the beholder of the secrets of life, death and resurrection. Our gift. Let us nurture this jewel and hold hands in solidarity with each other. Sisterhood. So that we may contribute to a better world, to peace, harmony and LOVE.  

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