Tuesday, 22 February 2011


What happens if you die Mami? What happens if the baby dies? What happens if you and daddy both die? What happens if you and the baby die right now? Which of the neighbours would you want us to live with Mami? And Mami, who was the first person on this earth? And how could they be the first person if they are alone and no one is taking care of them to make them grow? Why do you cry Mami? What is north of the sky? Mami do you like beauty? What means beauty to you my lovely child? Love. And when you kiss me big hearts come out - they come out of the heart, forever and forever. Why do you shout at us Mami? When you are a child we will shout at you! Why do you suck your thumb and hold your Nuschi? Milk comes out of my thumb, it comes through that arm, and goes up the other arm and comes out of my thumb. A few days later she said that the milk was better on the left thumb. Sweeter perhaps. Laced with honey. The mountain tops were flooded with the morning light. Questions come and go. Sometimes they throw up flutterings of anxiety, and sometimes they bring peace. 

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