Thursday, 9 May 2013

The I-am-bothered-bag

That was her giving-up-bag
her oh-I-can't-be-bothered-bag

I will not give up 
I shall not go down the same path

I got a bright-blue-shiny bag
with neon pink dots
a Fiorelli-fun-out-of-synch-bag

it does stand for containment
and always will

my sadness
my distress
my anger
my raw state of frazzledness

my blue-neon-pink-bag
makes me laugh
makes me want to jump
and stick my tongue out

I am bothered Mama, I am!

A Margaret-Thatcher-hanging-on-me-arm-bag
meaning business
such fun!

and if you man don't behave
I'll whack you round ye head
to keep you in check

my blue-electric-neon-pink-hot-fun-bag
hangs on me arm

my shiny-bright-blue-polka-dot-pink-business-bag

the I-am-unlike Maggie-bothered-bag

I can not give up - not now - ever Mama

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