Friday, 19 April 2013

Fragments of the in-between world

 imagine you are that baby
rather than
all curled up
oh yes that is nice

imagine you are pregnant 
rather than
those twins in your swollen tummy
oh yes that is nice

boys this time?

no - girls

always girls 
from top to bottom

somewhere over the rainbow

It is quiet there
where are your bairns?

The girls are brushing their hair

where troubles melt like lemon drops

it is hard to die

why oh why can't I?


you take care

who is going to hang up?


you just caught me in time

shall I hang up?


we lit a candle 
at the end I imagined
I am dead

but not yet

scents - not so much

but touch

freckled and speckled

I know

like a beautiful beach in the morning sun

do you think something is holding you back?

you can go now into the light

It's Easter Sunday

your face like a moon
a beaming smile

I am thinking of them

all the time
from top to bottom

I've been considering that

we will cross in the sky

I'm afraid so

the thread has been cut
triangle shattered

top to bottom



it is good

you are free

the debt has been paid

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