Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ode to Creativity

What magic - the makings of a child
beyond the realms of biology
into the realms of creation

I catch a glimpse of the humming bird
the vibration of its wings 
the fluttering of its flight

something is sparkling and crackling
begging me to surrender
de-anchoring my fear with its charm

Images appear
words and shapes are formed
the beginnings of a new creation

so it goes - beyond the child
beyond all creatures 
small and tall

my need to be in touch
with that energy
that wave of making

weaving through
pain and despair
joy and hope

doors fling open
and windows 
the ticket to the sky

wanderings of the mind

Sky - Earth - World

it all makes sense - in the end
I am appeased
I find rest

and as I make 
as an appendix and
squeezed in between

walking, talking, soothing
and exhaustion

it all finds itself 
in the right place

always containers

and ultimately 


I love myself
I love you
I love the world

Creativity brings Peace

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