Monday, 26 November 2012

On sharing.....

As a mother I can't bear the pictures that have gone round the world of children injured in the recent conflicts in Gaza and other conflicts around the world. 

Other pictures, reality of peoples' lives, are the ones of starving children - it is beyond comprehension. 

Where I live
we live a life of plentiful
we can walk the streets 
without fear for our lives
our children can play and smile
and are soundly at sleep at night

I am grateful for that and feel disturbed in the knowledge that for many it is not. 

Today, Share International came through my letter box and an excerpt printed at the back of December's edition reads :

"When men take the decision to share together the produce of this bountiful world, an extraordinary and mysterious happening will take place: at a stroke, men will realize that the need for war is past, the menace of terrorism will quickly disappear, the trust engendered by sharing will make the problems facing men, environmental and territorial, resolvable in blossoming goodwill. Through sharing, men will realize that they are brothers, and acting as brothers in close co-operation, will begin the process of transforming the world"

Benjamin Creme's Master, from 'the secret of living', A Master Speaks

note the sign' brother' in the shop window
the two crosses of light seem like two brothers standing next to each other

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