Monday, 2 July 2012

The boy is two today

Apologies that my little one is called 'the boy'. But he is. And he is. He just is. He is a boy. 

And the boy is 2 today. Who would have thought. Right now two years ago I was snuggling up with him in the hospital bed. For all the fear and dislike I have about hospitals, that night it felt like a gift, for I could be with him, just with him, on my own, with a bed that propped us up together. 

He chats, he dances, he dresses up in his sisters clothes, he sings, he giggles, occasionally he cries, he elicits empathy and pity very well, and he copies my meltdowns and outbreaks when I've had enough..... now there is an act that takes the wind out of my sails! 

When a 2 year old copies your anger you really do look idiotic! My 'for heaven's sake' is now 'sake', whenever he senses my as yet unexpressed anger, or whenever he is a bit annoyed about something!

Happy Birthday Sailor, life sure is not boring with you around!

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